mmf!Story Time!

Hey there friends! Here are some great blogs that will tell you some awesome stories!
Return of Dragons spins some great yarns! If you like romantic stories about people and dragons, go here immediately! You won’t regret it.

The first book of Return of Dragons follows Faith’s journey from an orphaned child to the Praetorian Guard of the Black Dragon Emperor.

Source: Part I – Faith

The blog This Is Another Story shares lots of different stories, some real, some fiction. Have a look!

He has been chasing her all over town, from door to door and window to window. …

Source: Three Lines Tale: The Chasing Game

And if you like funny stories, you will love The Arm Chair Pontificator! Enjoy articles like, “Trump Reveals True Self After Election”.

Got any blogs of stories you’d like to share? Post it below! Thanks!

I hope you enjoyed this Internet Buffet, my friends! I’m slogging through the start of my holiday work, but I’ll have comics up this week, as well as a new page for my Patreon supporters! 😀