I can’t figure out why I didn’t reblog this, because I always want to reblog the art and poems my friends make for me! So I’m really sorry Chuck, and it looks like today is your day as I am reblogging your work yet again! Thank you very, very much for sharing this! I really appreciate it!


sketches and drawings

pictures displayed

three frames for enjoyment

i am never dismayed

a quick glimpse inside

a fellow blogger’s mind

every so often

i fall a little behind

but when i catch up

its always sublime

and lets me relax

and simply unwind

three magical frames

from a beautiful lass

inspirational motivational

are almost always a gas

yet i can’t quite remember

how i discovered this gal

but i count my blessings

that we are commenting pals

because as i write this poem

i am smiling with glee

as it unclutters my brain

from the previous melancholy

she’s a talented blogger

and fantastical artiste

that little monster girl

is far from a beast

she’s bright and evocative

an awesome avatar

i’ll keep reading her stuff

if even from afar

she’s endlessly amusing

but also a muse

so i hope this is a connection

that i will never ever lose

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