mmf!Another 3D Update!
I’m sorry I’ve been so busy with school lately, my friends! But this time I have some animation to show you! Please keep in mind these are just projects that I’m given by the school, so they’re not original or anything plus they are just meant to teach specific things. Like, the puppet is a very simple rig, so it taught me about pivots and limits and junk like that. Fun!

So anyhoo, I had to do a puppet for school (I had to copy what was given, like before!)

i have a ring for a dick!

pull my ring! you know you want to!

Doesn’t he move gloriously?? W00t!


yeh it’s a little jerky but so am i! waaaahh!

And I am working on this bouncy ball! It’s not really finished but it’s pretty close to it. It could def be better, but it’s not bad for my first ball! Yay!

Anyway, that’s it for now! I’m about halfway through my class, and I’m going to start working on my own projects now, so I will have something to show good people like you! If you have something you’d like to share, please post or link to it in the comments! I don’t care what it is! Anything!

See you tomorrow!