mmf!Probably Really A Final Reward For All!

Hi my friends! As you know, I was raising funds to pay for the website hosting of Little Monster Girl, and also to be able to go to my very first comic con! So far, I’ve collected $180! This is super and more than pays for the website for the year ($72). Thank you so much! I’ve also donated a little bit more than 10% of my donations (20€) to RENATE Europe which works to stop human trafficking! Thank you!

I think that’s it for the fund drive this year, but please consider commissioning artwork from me or subscribing for monthly artwork rewards on Patreon!

Donation #5 is an anonymous donation! The finished art is on 21cm x 29.5 cm heavy, Bristol board paper! Thank you so much, my friend!

If you want some art of your own it’s not too late! You can always order an original drawing of Zela plus a video of me drawing it for US$10 or more anytime!

Just head over to and click the orange PayPal “DONATE” button!

Also, any moment now there will be a BONUS extra story featuring Miss Zela that is ONLY available to people on my email list or my Patreon supporters! That means, if you don’t support me on Patreon and you’re not on my mailing list, you can’t buy it! Oh no! 😦

But I really want you to have it! So, how can you fix this? Easy! Click here to sign up for Patreon or click here to sign up for the email list! For people on the email list, the bonus comic will cost a few dollars. But, for $1 a month on Patreon, you get the bonus comic, plus extra art, sneak peeks of the upcoming bonus comics, and videos! I want you to get the BEST value for your money, and this is why I signed up for Patreon!

TL;DR: The original Little Monster Girl webcomic will always be free to enjoy! I offer these extras for people who want to support the comic in this way and want the rewards, which of course, take extra time for me to do!

Thanks so much everyone!