o00oO0oo0OO0ooA new chapter has begun: http://lmgcomic.com/comic/chapter-10-comic-1/

And be sure to click “next” because there are 3 comics today! I uploaded the whole week´s worth in one shot! I just didn´t have time this week to post anything before today.

I hope you all are having some holiday fun! I´ve been to a few Weihnachtsmärkte so far and posted about it on my Instagram and Twitter! You can follow me there if you want to see pictures.

Instagram – @jenpaetsch

Twitter – @JenniferPaetsch

What are your holiday plans? I think on Christmas day I´m going to see that new Star Wars movie like I did last year! How about you? 😀

It’s the time of year to support good causes! If you don’t know who to donate to this year, I can suggest RENATE Europe to stop human trafficking! I donate to them when I can.

Or maybe donate to Planned Parenthood in the USA? I don’t get anything for sharing these links, but I believe in the work of these organizations. Please consider donating to charitable organizations this holiday season!