Hey friends!

Let’s have an old fashioned Internet Buffet today! I’ve decided to pick some motivational blog posts to get us riled up today!

This first blog is called A Special Mindset and it’s written by a highly moitvated young man who wants to change the world!

What did you do yesterday? What new challenges did you face? How many steps closer are you now then you before to your dream? Before I even begin to talk about what I know you didn’t do, let me tel…

Source: Today I will do what others won’t, so that tomorrow I can do what others can’t.

The second blog is called You Are So Worth It! and it’s a collection of positive poems, essays, and other creative work.

Nobody but yourself can do what you need to do for you! Your life is what you decide to make of it!

Source: Live Your Dream

Justalk is a personal blog with a lot of motivational posts! Take a look.

Do you talk to yourself? I don’t mean like a crazy person planning world domination, but do you ever just say aloud, “I’m a cool person”? I will be the first person to raise…

Source: Why I Talk to Myself!

I hope you found this Internet Buffet inspiring, my friends! Thanks for visiting with me again! 😀

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