mmf!schoolwork update and a new comic!

My toilet splashed me in the face today! To give you all the same feeling, I thought I’d introduce a new comic!

There’s Something Wrong With Everyone is a comic I made and put up on Tapastic. It’s a color, anime-style comic I plan to update once a week or so (haha!) and it will feature repeating characters with some kind of weak story line to force feed you what I consider jokes!

Also, I submitted some more work for my Autodesk Maya class, and if you follow me on Instagram (I’m @jenpaetsch), you have already seen a much better version of this. Running man! My very first. Look at him go!

run! ruuuuun!

It looks better in the video, I swear to God! Anyway, thank you, friends! πŸ˜€

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