sign up to get it!It’s finally here!

Took me an extra month, my friends, but it’s done! Thank you for sticking with me!

Anyone who donated to LMGcomic in the last 2 years will get a copy of this first bonus color comic for FREE! I have your email, and I will be emailing you a download link!

Patreon subscribers will get the download link as the July Reward, and people on the email list will be getting a link to Paypal where you can order a copy! It is the low, low price of $5!

If you didn’t donate and are not a Patreon subscriber or on the email list and would like to buy a copy, you can! The bonus color comic is ONLY for Patreon subscribers and email list subscribers, so you’ll need to join my email list to buy the comic, okay? So, first:

  1. Sign up to my email list by clicking on this link! Then,
  2. I will email you a paypal link to pay for the comic.

Then you’re in like flint, friend. I will mail you a download link toot-sweet! Promise.

There’s no DRM on this comic, by the way! Feel free to share it with your loved ones! Or someone you hate! Maybe it’s better that way!

I will be emailing out the links one at a time, so please bear with me on that. If you DON’T get a link in your email (please check your SPAM folders) after a few days and you deserve one, then send me an email please or post here on the glob and I will get you one!

There will be MORE full color comics in the future, too, such as this fall/winter. I would like to do them at least 3 times a year, so it’s really worth it to subscribe to Patreon for $1/month if you enjoy belonging to our secret special content club!

Thanks everyone! Enjoy!