mmf!In the Cards!

Hey there friends! oooo! cards!

So, Tarot is a hobby of mine. And I frequent a few Tarot blogs that I would like to share with you today!

But first, I hear you saying you don’t own a tarot deck! How can you get a reading online for free? Simple! Try Facade — it’s one of the oldest online tarot websites. Just choose your deck style and spread and off you go!

Now back to the blogs! Here are some great blogs to teach you about the tarot:

  • Tarot Verbatim does daily spreads with a unique twist to reading traditional tarot. This lady has a cool method which allows her to read the tarot like a person would read a sentence. Very interesting!pretty cards!
  • Guinevere Fae is a small tarot blog that I’ve been following for awhile now! She draws a daily card and explains it. A good blog to learn the card meanings!
  • Truly Teach Me Tarot is a fantastic blog that has been around a long, long time! This blog has long and excellent descriptions of the cards, tells a story for each one, and teaches you pretty much everything you need to know to read for others. If you love tarot, this website is a treasure!

I hope you enjoy these blogs! I’m still working very hard on all my projects, friends, and I will get everything done ASAP! πŸ™‚

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Thanks so much everyone!