yum!It’s like Goldilocks all over again! http://lmgcomic.com/comic/chapter-9-comic-10/

I’ve had SUCH a busy week, my friends! Too much work, and I hope I get paid for it all! It made it impossible for me to finish up the Bonus Comic this week, I’m sorry to say. But I’ll have it ready over the next few days! I’d already let my Patreon subscribers know, and they were very cool about it! If you’d like to sign up for Patreon, it’s not too late! For $1 a month on Patreon, you get the bonus color comic, plus extra art, sneak peeks of the upcoming bonus comics, and videos!

Today is the Biermeile here in Berlin, and it’s raining, but I’ll be there!

Also, I got one more donation for the Fund Drive! Thank you so much! I’ve donated a little bit more than 10% of my donations (20โ‚ฌ) to RENATE Europe which works to stop human trafficking! Thank you!

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