mmf!Fear and Loathing!
This week I’d like to highlight a very interesting blog I found and followed called Light Play ~ Evolution. It’s owner, Zack, describes it as “a blog to share life learnings” and what it means to be “thriving off both a positive environment and an internal ‘playful perspective.’” It might seem like kind of an odd blog for some, but many religious teachings encourage us to move away from fear when interacting with each other, and this goes hand in hand with the notion of compassion being the only religion a person needs.

In the post “Then I saw Fear, now I see Play”, Zack writes:

Once in middle-school I was saying something to a teacher after class, I put one finger up in this weird kind of way, sort of like this goofy hand gesture ‘I’m making a point, yet playing on myself at the same time’, I didn’t know why I was doing it, I just felt like it. She touched her finger too mine in an et. kind of way. and said “I just felt like touching it” at the time I thought she was making fun of my weirdness. But now I think that it was an act of play, for both of us. However weird, that was one of our most connected moments.

I have 1000 examples like this. Times I thought people were indifferent, rejecting, making fun of, that weren’t true, they were actually opportunities for play or subtle connection.…
Source: Then I saw Fear, now I see Play.

I feel this happens to a lot of us–someone reaches out, and we misinterpret their intentions. We project our inner fear onto them. Not just fear–all sorts of feelings can be projected onto other people, thoughts that we assume they are having just because we are having them.

What do you think, my friends? Check out Zack’s blog if you like, it’s got some very interesting posts!