I dunno if I agree, Arvey! But I’m doing my best!

So what happened to Jen?? I am sure you have been asking yourselves this! Well, I am sorry things have been so topsy-turvey here lately! So what’s been going on? Well …

  • I’ve had some sick days but things seem to be better now! In a few weeks I should be able to run around like before good as new! But I still have to take things easy.
  • I had to start a new job and this has kept me very busy!
  • I am trying to finish up my 3D Maya class so I don’t have to worry about it anymore!
  • As for the BONUS COMIC, since it’s the first one, I’m going to release it around the LMG anniversary in July! So before I just said “summer”, but you can look forward to the week of July 25th or thereabouts!

Love you all, my friends! ❀

Edit: Oh yeah, there is a new Forgotten Road, too!


Also, this summer there will be a BONUS extra story featuring Miss Zela that is ONLY available to ppl on my email list or my Patreon supporters!

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