mmf!The U-Files!
What is Jennifer serving up in today’s Internet Buffet? There’s a clue–a U in the title! Is it U for underwear? No! Is it U for Uranus? No! It’s U for unexplained, my friends! And here I have gathered together some blogs that like to post about the unexplained!

Ebibliotheca is a very new blog, but it’s already got great articles about the known–and the unknown! Have a look-see!

Boo!Parapopulous is another new blog, and this one is solely about the paranormal! If you’re into ghost stories, this is for you!

Source: Bishop Boo

Booooo! Mean it!
Cordeliasdread is a blog with a little bit of everything–horror, the unexplained, movie reviews, and more!

Source: Ghost Caught in a Parking Lot

Are YOU following or keeping a blog about the unexplained! Tell me! 😄 I wanna know!
Be good! 👻👽🦄