mmf!Another St. Patrick’s Day !
Drinking is not the only vice we can exploit on St. Patrick’s Day! Let’s have another St. Patrick’s day, one in which we indulge in the two runners-up, gluttony and gambling! If you’re like me and you can’t celebrate in the typical fashion, I’ve got some alternatives which are (almost) as indulgent as swapping your blood for green beer!

These loaded mint brownies by Penny’s Food Blog are loaded with love–if love were made out of oreo cookies and green candies. Cut those brownies large! Make it as big as your head! Remember–a huge portion is still only ONE portion!

A variety of treats awaits you at KC’s Bookshelf–milkshakes, candy truffles, and leprechaun hats just begging to be made by your greedy little hands! Eat! EAT!

make it
I’ve saved the best for last this time–who doesn’t want to make their own scratch off cards?! I bet you thought scratch off cards were made by enslaved snorks in a fantastic land where butter is a meal. You thought wrong!!! Make It Yourself makes them, which I guess means you make them, and you always have. You just didn’t know you had it in you, did you?

Have a Wednesday! Love! You!

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