mmf!Last Chance!
Aw, man! What have you been doing?! Didn’t I remind you last week to get ready for Valentine’s Day? Well, fear not, because there’s still time to pull this holiday out of the trash!


These yummy pop tart pops would make anyone love you! Promise!

Source: Strawberry Pop Tart Pops + Chai Conquers PINK Dog

Speaking of promises, try this cookie recipe that promises to last longer than most relationships: Chocolate Forever Cookies!

Source: Chocolate Forever Cookies with Nutella Cream Cheese Frosting

Even if you are useless at crafts, surely you can cut out a heart before your partner cuts out yours! Let’s not let our loved ones down! We might need them after all!

Source: Simple Yet Effective Valentine’s Card Tutorial

My final offering to appease the St. Valentine’s gods is this clever bookmark/card idea! Even toddlers can make these! You’ve got no excuse!

Source: Bookmark Valentines

Thanks friends and I hope you enjoy these blogs!
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