mmf!“Lovey Poems!”
Do you need some poems for Valentines Day, either to recite or perhaps to write inside that card you made? Look no further! Here are some awesome poems I’ve discovered from some great blogs right here on the Internet! Remember, folks, to give proper credit where it’s due!

Leonard Durso serves up a poem called “Symptoms Of Love” by Robert Graves:

Love is a universal migraine,
A bright stain on the vision
Blotting out reason

Sounds about right!

Next, Kurt Struble dishes out one of his own called “On Love Lost“:

The last chapter of a book
you wish you could read again and again
without knowing the ending.

But the ending got ripped out! Or maybe that was my heart!

Anyway, we need some upbeat ones to put in a card! Let me see … I found this one, Do You Hear Me by Dominic R. DiFrancesco, on his blog:

I remain eternally hopeful
Offering you my hand and my heart
Until the day that I die.

That hits the spot!

Lovely Deanne of Deanne’s World blog also has some romance to share with “Fragile Heart”:

Prayers go
There we find
Each other
The lost dreams
In fool’s paradise

I can identify with fools! No problem!

And finally, if none of these suit you, or if you decided to eat your card instead, Thumbup from The Playground found this very funny and also “Terrible Hallmark Valentine’s Day Movie Generator” from a blog I just met called That’s So Jacob.

I got: “She’s an unlucky hairdresser. He’s an aging nobody. What happens when they reach for the same library book?” How about you?

Please share YOUR Valentine’s Day poem or funny thing in the comments below! Thanks, friends!