mmf!Gary Did It For Me!
Hi true believers! Monday I was visiting friends in the blogosphere when I saw Gary Lum of Yummy Lummy made an awesome post about some cool bloggers he’d found through LMG Comic Updates and also some sweet foodie blogs with delectable content! It looked so amazing that I had to share it with you today! So here we are! Please click the link below to check it out!

click the pic to Gary's list!

click the pic to Gary’s list!

Thanks Gary for making this great list!

I’m really glad that people seem to like the LMG Buffet and enjoy visiting the blogs I post here! I don’t pick blogs for any special reason other than I find them interesting, or they have something I’d like to share! Also, you’re always welcome to share your blog in the comments! I filter for spam, but pretty much anything goes! If it’s NSFW just say so!

Have a great Wednesday and see you tomorrow!