mmf!Valentine Ideas!
Hello Internet friends! The time has come to prepare for another holiday–Valentine’s Day!

Whatever shall we do?! Don’t worry–I’ve got you covered! I’m not into buying useless junk, friends–I’m into MAKING useless junk! Therefore, please enjoy these tips on how to create some sweet booty to help you get that booty!

Here’s a fine little blog by a talented blogger who shows us how to make some pretty choice one-of-a-kind cards for our loves:

Source: Crafting Valentine’s Cards from Live and Bloom

These brownies are guaranteed to get you into a pair of pants–but maybe not your own!
Source: Red Velvet Swirl Brownies from Aromatic Essence

You can jam much more than jelly into a jar–you can cram your love:
Source: Valentine Gifts and Crafts from Handmade DIY Collection and DIY JOY

And if that doesn’t work, try starting a conversation with these coloring conversation hearts, even if it’s only with yourself:
Source: Coloring Conversation Hearts from Sara Polish


Done! Another holiday saved by me! 😊 You’re welcome, my friends!

Got any of your own tips to share? I’m all ears! 😀💕✨🌹❤️