mmf!Gifts for Me!
Finally something I ordered for myself this Christmas arrived in the mail! And it is my very own Zela drinking mug! Yes, I washed it first! Look at how well it performs its function, effortlessly holding tea like that! Wowie!!
my Zela mug!
Okay, so this post is not really all about gifts for me. It’s also about gifts for YOU or anyone on your gift-giving list! Here are some inspiring ideas you may not have even thought of courtesy of some very clever bloggers!


Let’s start off with some super ideas for ppl who love to knit from capitalknitter (I love the animal yarn bowls!!):

Source: Gifts outside the yarnbox


Irene’s got some beautiful jewelry which make awesome gifts:

Rose Quartz & Silver


The Pollen Count teaches how to make some lovely gifts from your garden:



Cookies from The Seasoned Student also make great gifts:

Source: Christmas Orange and Cinammon Shortbread


And here’s some gift wrapping tips from snapshotsincursive that I thought sounded pretty awesome!

Gift-Wrapping Like a Pro

So…what about YOU, my friend? πŸ˜€ Got any gift ideas to share? Want to share a gift you got for yourself or someone else? Please tell and/or show us!