mmf!The Blogger Recognition Award


Thank you SO MUCH to LOUD ALIEN NOIZE for awarding me a Blogger Recognition Award! I love awards and I’m very grateful! Here are the rules:

  1. Write a post explaining why you started blogging along with a few tips.
  2. Nominate some of your fellow bloggers.
  3. Comment on their blogs to let them know youโ€™ve nominated them.

So…first things first! Why did I start blogging? Well, as I’ve said before, most webcomics have a blog, or a forum, or some way that the artist can communicate with his or her audience! Thus, it was only natural to make a blog! I am all about natural! Forcing things is no good…most of the time! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyway, what kind of tips can I give to people? Well, I’ve only been at this for about a year! I will say, though, that a blog has to have a subject that you find easy to write about. You don’t want it to be next to impossible to come up with your next post! And you should like that thing you are writing about. It will come across in your posts!

The other thing is, make sure your links are correct! Also the gravatar links! I click on a lot of gravatars to go see ppl’s blogs and it sometimes says, “This person’s blog was deleted.” or “So-and-so blog does not exist.” And I think okay, well, I guess they are just liking my blog! That’s cool! And then I find out later that they have a blog and I will be honest here–if I can’t get to your blog easily, I won’t read it. I am sorry! But I don’t have time to figure out if you have a blog or not. That’s your job!

I guess that’s it! I don’t have a lot of tips, but if I think of anything else, I will share it!

Now, on to the nominations! I’m only doing a few this time. They are:

  1. Croatia, the War, and the Future –
  2. M. Taggart, Writer
  3. Writeography by Steven Baird
  4. Yummy Lummy
  5. A Patient Voice
  6. Fullmetal Narcissist
  7. C.M. Blackwood
  8. Thumbup
  9. Superduque777
  10. Jules Rules
  11. Mageowl’s Blog

Thank you, friends! Comics coming up soon!