mmf!New (to Me) Blogs!

I’ve been following some new blogs! I’d like to introduce you to them! Maybe you will find them interesting, too!

David Snape and Friends

David Snape is a guy with a radio show on Southwaves Radio, which is for the south coast of the U.K.! He interviews people, and on his blog he posts articles and stories by guest writers! Pretty cool!

A Journey Into the Magic of Creativity
This blog is by Norwegian artist Magny Tjeltas, and she writes about all kinds of things–places, people, and her art! There are neato projects and beautiful photos to inspire you! Yay!

DyNaMik Records
A record company from Ireland! Their artists create a variety of original, modern music! They blog about what their talent is doing. Super!

Have fun checking out these talented blogs! Until next time!