Today I’ve got a few unrelated blogs to talk about! But that suits us just fine, right, Internet friends?

The first blog is Bass Manski’s “The Homie Perspective” and he writes about selfies!

Bass writes:

“So perhaps, we, the cultural psyche of today, combat this devaluation of human life by photographing, posting and chronicling ourselves in an effort to reach out into that fearsome abyss and shout β€œI am here, my life matters, and I will not be marginalized!”

When I grew up, there wasn’t any Internet or cell phones. I grew up watching TV. I mean, watching way too much TV. So, the interesting thing is, the part of me that had nothing to do but watch TV, that part doesn’t mind seeing stranger’s selfies. That part of me accepts it just like watching a TV show. At the same time, I am very uncomfortable with taking and posting my own selfies. Now here comes the interesting part–when I know the person, I tend to get creeped out if I see too many personal photos from them. Like I feel somehow that that is private and it’s none of my business. Even though they are posting it for me and other friends to see! I do not know what is wrong with my brain! I can only guess that I am a product of my time!

Anyway, what do you think? Are people posting so much about themselves to say that they exist, like Bass Man says? Or is it just basic sharing of their lives like grandma does when you come over for tea and she takes out the photo album? I want to know!

Next up, Mr. Jamal R. James of Electramorphism reminds us to jot down our thoughts so we don’t lose our best ideas!

Jamal writes:

“It’s also important that you keep an audio device or phone that can record near you because if your melodic inclined then many times tracks tunes and songs jump into your head.”

I used to record audio notes, but it got to be a hassle! But I jot down notes pretty much all day for just about everything, not just my blog or art or work! I jot down things I need to buy or ideas that don’t seem to fit anywhere. I jot down dreams sometimes or what I want to tell a friend. How about you?

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