mmf!More Donation Art

Hey Internet friends! I very kindly received a donation for some artwork last week! So I’d like to share the finished result with all of you!

It was a request for Zela being bold in some lingerie! Well, she was all up for that! Here she is:


Of course, the censor strip is only there for Zela’s Internet modesty and is not on the finished art work! The finished piece which I am mailing out to the donor today measures a nice big 21cm x 29.5 cm! Unfortunately, because my iPad is still (maybe?) being repaired (or not) at the shop, I don’t have a video to share! But that will be remedied in the coming weeks!

If YOU would like to donate $US 10 or more to help me keep Little Monster Girl a thing, please donate via PayPal to eupaypal (at) OR use the big orange donate button at the top of the LMGcomic website (EDIT: I think I fixed the button! It’s showing up in US dollars for me finally! Please let me know if you have any trouble!)

Thank you, anonymous donor!! 😀