Chuck Goddeeris at Pixellated Mistress was kind enough to write a poem based on chapter 6!! Amazing! Thank you so much, Chuck! I love it!


half a world apart
maybe more
maybe less
they could be right next to each other
and none would be the wiser

one holds a map
where it leads
they do not know
but it is exciting
and full of intrigue
like the sun at midday

their journey begins
they seek a little help
from the beautiful
from the scary
from some that our both
eventually they get pointed the right way
or is it the left?

the weather goes sideways
and rain falls from the sky
but that doesn’t discourage the searcher
who doesn’t bat an eye

the road is filled with uncertainty
its just the nature of the game
no two paths alike
no two creatures the same

through a mass of confusion
comes a field of utter clarity
followed by a house
and hopefully prosperity

the adventurer approaches
atop their trusty steed
rain now pouring down

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