mmf!Two Things

Today I have two topics! One of them is like a PSA & some griping, because griping is always fun! And the second is a share from a blogger I’ve been following a long time now, Marcy Erb of Illustrated Poetry

So first, the PSA/griping!

  • Why does autocorrect always change “to” to “yo”? I have never written yo to anyone in my life.
  • Ppl, some of you have links in your gravatars that go nowhere. I want to visit your blogs, and I click your gravatars, and they say “this blog does not exist” or “so-and-so deleted her blog” because of a typo or something. Everyone make sure yours are working! Thanks!
  • WordPress is terrible on mobile. I spend most of my time on mobile. It jumps around a whole lot now on its own, jittery pages, there are links in the reader that still do not work, and things–like icons, messages, who knows what else–just disappear and reappear depending on how you hold your device. Really sad.

Now it’s time to put Marcy in the spotlight! She posted a poem about kids killing a frog along with an image, because that is what she does!

Head over to her blog at to see it bigger and to see more of her work!

The thing that bothers me about this poem is that the last line claims “a face is hidden under his hat” and it makes me wonder… Is that a translation mistake? A face? Not his face? Whose face, then? The moon? Someone else? A mask? A child’s face? A frog face? Am I reading too much into this? Creeps me out, man!