mmf!Table For One!

If you read my posts–which is very nice of you! But not necessary, as I don’t mind if people just click through to the comic–then you might remember that I started school! The school is very nice so far and the people have already called me and asked how I am doing and if I like it and all that good stuff. It’s a really big school here and I am studying 3D animation online! Oh boy!

I thought it might be cool to track my progress with all of you! Maybe not every LMG Buffet, but now and again. Well, let’s start with now! I just started on Monday, and here is my very first table! What a sight to behold!

don't objectify me!

This is the first actual thing I ever made with Maya that is not just a ball or a cone! I am so very excited! If you feel yourself getting too excited, please sit down. Maybe even sit down at… my table!


What about you? Are you starting anything new this fall? I met a kid once who said that even his grandmother is always studying something new, and she was in her eighties! Personally, I hope I don’t live that long! Anyway, thoughts?