Thank you!

Thank you so very much to all the donors! I really appreciate the kind and generous support I’ve gotten for my webcomic!

Today I’ve got one more pic & video to show you!
Some of you are familiar with Sarah and her dog Choppy from Travels with Choppy ( )! Sarah was kind enough to donate and request a caricature of Choppy! So that is what I did:

And the final product:

It's Choppy!

The finished art has already been sent out to Sarah, and of course it’s much larger than shown here (the finished art is on 21cm x 29.5 cm paper).

One last plug…
If you want some art of your own it’s not too late! US$10 or more gets you an original drawing plus a video of me drawing it! What a nice present! Grandma would love it!!

Just head over to and click the Orange “donate” button! I’ll continue to take donations for art & a video because I have more to pay for than just server costs! I pay for advertising sometimes for the comic and I pay for my tools, paper and pencils and the software to Internet-ready my art, too! Maybe in the future I might go to a comicon to meet people or even sell comic books! Maybe someday…

Anyway, if you’re the type who likes to wear your art, consider buying a mug or a T-Shirt from my LMG store (also linked on the main page of!

Thanks so much everyone!