Fun(d) Drive Too!

Hello again! Last week I promised to make some art & videos of me drawing that art for generous people who donated US$10 or more towards my server fees for the year! Well I’m so grateful for the response! So far I’ve received US$185! Which means I can pay ahead for the future, and if I watch out for a sale, maybe I can pay for several years! WOOOHOOO! Thank you so much for the support!!

I’ve got two pics & videos to show you this week and the rest I’ll save for next week!
The first is by an anonymous donor who just wanted a picture of Zela waving. Here it is!

donation one!

The second is a video and drawing for Daniel at Hyperionsturm! He wanted a picture of Zela and her animal friends chilling!

donation too!

I’m mailing out the donation reward artwork this week! Yes, they are much larger than these samples, which are just so everyone gets an idea of what the finished art looks like (the finished art is on 21cm x 29.5 cm paper). Thank you so much to all my donors! You’re AMAZING people!!
If you want some art of your own it’s not too late! US$10 or more gets you an original drawing plus a video of me drawing it! What a nice present! Grandma would love it!!

Just head over to and click the Orange “donate” button! I’ll continue to take donations for art & a video because I have more to pay for than just server costs! I pay for advertising sometimes for the comic and I pay for my tools, paper and pencils and the software to Internet-ready my art, too! Maybe in the future I might go to a comicon to meet people or even sell comic books! Maybe someday…

Anyway, if you’re the type who likes to wear your art, consider buying a mug or a T-Shirt from my LMG store (also linked on the main page of!

Thanks so much everyone!