mmf! Treat Yo Self

Sometimes, especially when you don’t feel well, or things are going shitty, or you are working on something and you need a break, you gotta treat yourself! And today I got myself a super treat! Something I miss a lot from the USA that isn’t very popular here: corn! Feast your eyes thusly:


A little peaked, but it’ll do.

Yeah, it’s just corn, but pickin’s are really getting slim around here, people… Fave ice cream place, fave club, fave chinese restaurant, fave imbiss–I could go on!–all closed down in the last year or two. And I found this amazing donut place that I was going to buy donuts for my birthday–yes, they are that good!–and yep, you guessed it, closed. There is one location left near Checkpoint Charlie which is kind of far to go, but I might do it after all.

Also, I got myself a new necklace from Irene at IreneDesign2011 and I spend a lot of time in Animal Crossing. Playing with my puppy and kitty cat is a treat, too! Watching Rick & Morty is a treat, too, and there’ll be new episodes on July 26th! Yay! And if I am lucky, sometimes I get to hear from someone very important to me! That’s probably the best treat of all.

How do you treat yourself?

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