mmf! Horrorscopes

I follow the blog of a writer who posts these funny “horror-scopes” once a week! His name is Ron Yarosh, and here is where his blog lies:

My horror-scope this week (June 7th) is such:

Cancer… The Moon is in opposition to Cancer at this time, Opposition is always a bad sign. In the future, you will start a beard collection. Then you will comb all barbershops in search of them. Shortly after, you will abandon your quest.

Why does everything oppose me?! Even the moon! Why, that moon! I’ll show you… Anyway, a beard collection sounds kind of gross. In fact, that seems like a good reason to give it up! You know, I thought about being a hairdresser before but I couldn’t stand touching all those stranger’s heads! Yeeeeuuuuuuurgh! Just think what your hairstylist goes through!

Care to share your horror-scope and your opinion of it? I would love to know!

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