mmf! Oatmeal!!!

Truth is, people, I was going to post some lovely springtime pic I’d found this week, but I didn’t save the url when I first saw it, and after scrolling through over a week’s worth of blogs in my reader, I’m ready to throw in the towel! Sorry!

So instead, let’s talk about probably my most favorite thing in the world: oatmeal!!!

Yes! 3 exclamation points because it deserves every one! This past week I’ve seen this defiling of oatmeal (as shown in the video below) via Reddit and a couple of blogs, mainly Live Love Laugh
and Dream Big, Dream OftenΒ :

Who would do this to oatmeal?! Oatmeal doesn’t want all those other things in there with it! Oatmeal is scared!! And so am I!

Oatmeal just likes its friends water & milk, and maybe, sometimes, sugar. That’s all! That. Is. All.

I’m sure some hedonist out there has a different opinion than me! Let’s hear it! But you can’t change me! I’m an oatmeal conservative! One cereal, one topping. No more!