mmf! On the Same Page
Only one blog today, folks, but this blog is worth your time and attention, I promise! I’ll serve up more links next week! And if you want to blog on this topic, feel free to link your blog in the comments! That would be awesome!

I read a blog called Garfieldhug’s Blog written by an always charming and often funny young woman in (I believe!) Singapore. Here, she writes about her experience with getting a cannula inserted at the doctor’s (it’s used for IVs).
Because she often gets cannulas, the nurse assumed she’d know what worked best for her, and asked her which one she’d prefer, pink or blue. But our heroine thought the nurse was asking for cosmetic reasons! Nurse thought they were on the same page, and didn’t think to explain–hilarity ensued! You can read the rest on her blog.

I’ve done this to people (I am so sorry!) and I’ve had it done to me. It seems to happen most when someone is trying to be simple or subtle, like in this situation–why talk about numbers when the patient can just say a color?

Has this ever happened to you? Did you ever think you were on the same page as someone else only to discover total misunderstanding?