mmf! Ausländer
You probably already know this, but I’m an expat living in Germany. That makes me an Ausländer! What’s an Ausländer? It’s the German word for foreigner. Rose over at her blog howdoyousaytacoinspanish was also an expat, and she writes about her experiences living in Mexico. In this post she talks about the differences between being a local and being an Ausländer:

Here in Berlin, I don’t think there are huge differences between being a tourist and a local. We get a lot of tourists, especially Americans, and many come to live here. In my neighborhood, you hear all kinds of languages being spoken as people walk by, Spanish and French and even African languages. There are also lots of  Turks, Arabs, and Iranians I have met in Berlin (and went to school with!). I’m sure there are some people who might try to trick a tourist, but those people would try to scam anyone–scammers exist everywhere!

What do you think about where you live? Is it Ausländer-friendly?

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