chapter 4

It’s hard to have to always start over. But that’s what happens when you don’t belong! You either keep not belonging or you move on to brighter pastures…which often darken. And some can darken pretty fast! That’s why you have to keep a light inside you, and it shows you this:

Fourth month, and we begin chapter 4! I hope you like this journey! The journey is all that we have.

Speaking of journey, this comic is #98, and that means comic #100 is upon us (and THIS POST is post #100 for this blog!!)! Thus, I’ll be posting #99 tomorrow (Friday) and #100 on Saturday! Whoopie!

That new Forgotten Road comic that I promised is up! Have a look-see!

Also, I am looking for more work! If anyone needs illustration work or graphic designs for personal or business use (i.e. book covers, stationary, business cards, etc.), I would be happy to help! I can do vector graphics and my prices are very reasonable! Also, if you have an existing logo or character, I can copy most styles of illustration pretty well (like the anime and then Disney styles in my Halloween comic, for example)! Send me an email at Thanks!