C’est moi Γ  chez moi!

Little Moda Girl
Welcome to the first installment of Little Moda Girl Blog! I’m giving up that cartoon crap for something better–a beauty blog!
That’s right, now three times a week you can learn what I do to keep myself in fighting trim! For today’s advice I suggest you get yourself familiar with the local Biergarten or other alcoholic establishment and partake of their beverages as much as you can handle! At least, that’s what I do to get through the day!

It’s spring, so I’m wearing springtime clothes (or not, depending on where you live), but the truth is I just want to show that I’m not an old hag (yet)! But even so, I’m not wandering around outside in the cold for you people. So these pics were taken in the stairwell. And my (deflowered) balcony :(. Which, if you remember, is a bummer for me because I wanted to spruce it up but I got sick instead! Oh well.


MUA makeup! That’s some kind of gold mix and the lipstick I used is nectar but the rest I forget.

Here’s a whole bunch of make up I got the other day, mostly because it was cheap! The colors are super for me because I have sallow skin and this is what I’m wearing in these pictures right here. I just kind of smeared it on with my grubby fingers, and did my classic racoon eye to cover up any wrinkles and mistakes! That’s right, if you have old wrinkly eyes like me, don’t make harsh lines. Slap it on dark and smear it around is my motto! Best if you only go out at night and/or hang out with people who can’t see so good. Luckily, if your friends are of the older variety, nature usually takes care of those eagle-eyes for you!

Lord Lemongrab

I’m going to show off my nails (again!) and here is Lord Lemongrab to help me!

Here are some more scenes from this week’s show:

go away!

You kids quit playing in the dumpster! I see you little fuckers!


I didn’t wear these shorts for nothing! Look at my legs, dammit! Look at them!!

ugly balcony!

Are you pondering what I’m pondering? You mean, is it time to tell them about the joke yet??

And also, April Fools! πŸ˜€

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