mmf! The Yin Empress
I was chatting this evening with Kurt Struble in one of the comment sections of this blog, a chat wherein he was kind enough to let me know that he was making fun of me! :p Thanks for that, Kurt!

Kurt writes poetry (among other things!) on his blog at THE BIG HOUSE and Other Stories and in our chat we were talking a little about yin and yang (taijitu) of Taoism. His poem Bright Night Revealed discusses the negative sides of yin, as in darkness, “brutal loneliness”, and “annihilation”. I like the interesting idea he poses of yin and yang running parallel forever and what their purpose is in relation to each other. It’s a great poem–go check it out!
Personally, Kurt warned me not to be too negative. I try really hard not to be! Even so, that isn’t all that yin is. In fact, yin is so much more!

Yin is not just the all-consuming void, nor the evil spider mother! Yin is also the Earth, the loving mother, it is devotion and compassion. Yes, yang is heaven and action and perseverance and gets a lot of press, but yin and yang are not exactly two sides of a coin, dark and light, yes and no–they are soulmates! Yang is masculine, yin is feminine. Yang is creative, yin is receptive. Yin is tender, dark, quiet patience. She is the mare who never tires, persistent, following the stallion (yang).

yin empress

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