mmf! Real Food!

I’m talkin’ ’bout real food on the Internet Buffet today!

I spent a lot of today naked! At least, more than usual. I went on a day trip vacay–a wellness day!–and I went swimming, then in the sauna, then in the Blütendampfbad. I looked so cute with my hair up in all my little colorful hair clips! I took no pics of that, however. But I did get pics of my lunch!

Lunch was not naked. Sorry, Mr. Burroughs! I got my typical Bier and this time I went with a salad. Dressing was €0,50 extra! What is the world coming to! A picture of my healthful salad lies below:

so yum!

After that came dessert. Milkshake! How relieved I was that I matched!

yum number 2

What did you eat today? Do you have any pics of your favorite meal? Do you have any favorite food blogs? Tell me!

Here are some super food blogs I follow::