mmf! “Love and Compassion”

“The first thing is to discover what indeed you do love, if anything. And you will find that there is something. … Love is a spectrum. All love is a form of the same energy. And you have to let it grow where you find it. If you find that only one of these forms exist in you, if at least you water it, the rest of the plant will blossom as well. The essential prerequisite is to let it have its way.”
– Alan Watts

So what do I know about love? Not a lot! Anyway, I listen to Alan Watts often since I find him inspiring. I recommend listening to one of his lectures if you haven’t before. I do what he suggests when it comes to love; I try to water this plant where I find it. My comic is an example of that–I am watering that love. Loving people is another story! Not everyone gets me, and that’s okay. You can’t make people like you, and you won’t like everyone. Accepting that is part of being compassionate.

Speaking of which, February 20th is designated to be a day of compassionate blogging. Please consider joining! They are leaving the term compassion up to interpretation. Compassion in the religious sense means respecting that everyone has their own life path to follow.

Here are some more words about love that I found on the Internet this past week: