mmf! Death or “Who Is It Carrying My Corpse Around?”

The too-soon death of animator Monty Oum last week was difficult for many. ArcaneHalloween at Precinct1313 had written about it:

I think a lot about death anyway (arguably too much), and because such a young, talented person passed away, that made me dwell on it for a time. Especially since it was accidental, an allergic reaction to surgery medication. We hear a lot about suicides and also come to expect death from older persons so that when someone dies on accident it’s almost as if we forgot it could happen that way. It’s a shock, even when it’s a stranger. It’s a reminder that we’re all animals in a great cage and some Great Hand has reached down to pluck one of us up, never to be seen again. It’s unsettling, fickle, and honestly unfair. We never even got to say goodbye.

Is it wrong to want to help each other while we’re still here?

Then you’ll never have to worry about saying goodbye.

Just before her death, the nun Ryonen wrote this poem:

Sixty-six times have these eyes beheld the changing scene of autumn
I have said enough about moonlight,
Ask no more.
Only listen to the voice of pines and cedars when no wind stirs.


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