mmf! Anger Issues

I don’t like talking about myself much. I would much rather let the things I make and do speak for me, whatever they might say. But sometimes, it’s good to be honest and open, especially about the problems that it seems we all share.

Black and Write

I’ve had my problems with anger. I guess most people do. A lot of times, it comes from pride, which is really foolish. How can I believe that all people are equal yet get offended easily? If in my heart I don’t believe I’m better than someone else, then why would I be mad? Haven’t I done shitty things too and hoped to be forgiven? Aren’t I cold and distant sometimes, even to people I love? How could the same actions make them worse than me?

When it comes to expressing compassion, I think it’s good to do actions like donate money but I feel our actions to others count for much more. If someone is crying, should you throw a dollar at him? Or ask him if he’s crying because he’s so ugly? (Ha, HAH! Didn’t expect that, did you?) Just kidding about that last part! I’m sure he’s crying because he smells.

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