licking time!

If you look closely, you might be able to see today’s comic here:

A HUGE, special THANK YOU! to Amber Danette for tweeting “I want to see Little Monster Girl on Comic Chameleon, the ultimate webcomics iPhone app! via @comicchameleon” at least 15 times!! And the sweet Miss Totsymae at also tweeted! How many times did YOU tweet? I want to know!!!

sisterhood award

I was really lucky this week because I got nominated by the lovely M’Chel of M’Chel’s Musings for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award! I like the sound of this award and the rules are as follows:

Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site. Put the Award logo on your blog. Answer the ten questions sent to you. Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer. Nominate seven blogs.

The 10 questions M´Chel gave me are:

1. Do you have a nickname and if so how did you get it?
I don’t have a nickname to my knowledge, however I am sure there are people who call me things in private! 🙂

2. What is the furthest place you’ve traveled to, and why?
I lived in Argentina when I was young. The desert there is pretty far from most anywhere!

3. What is your favorite season, and yeah, why?
Fall probably. It’s supposed to be lucky for me. And Halloween is great! And Thanksgiving. But winter is also nice and has Christmas. But still, I guess fall.

4. Would you rather; Joe Flanigan or Kavan Smith? LOL * a play on an old game. **Triple bonus points if you know mine. 😀 lol and if you don’t- you’re not paying attention. lol 😉
I don’t know this game or who these people are! I bet they are famous people from that show that everyone watches but me. 😦 I don’t know who I would rather be friends with. The nicest one! (But I peeked and I saw M’Chel likes Kavan Smith!)

5. Would you rather; Amanda Tapping or Claudia Black? * a play on an old game.
I would rather be friends with the one who is NOT prettier than me! HAH! 😀

6. Are you where you want to be in your life?
Nope. I am still looking for a lot of things! I am still growing.

7. What is your greatest accomplishment?
This comic!

8. What would you like to share with the blog sphere?
My comic!

9. The age old question; toilet paper roll up or down? 😀
Down! Those heathens who put the pull side against the wall are unremarkable and unlikeable and smelly on their best days! Phuey!

10. Did you expect normal questions from me? 😉
I think you asked very good questions! Thank you!

Here are the blogs I picked:

Breathing Space
O Totsy!
Garfieldhug’s Blog
Smiling to Life.wordpress
Travels with Choppy
Chantal and Shekinah
Spread Love Everywhere You Go
Pamo’s World
Infinite Rosie
The Big House and Other Stories

And here are your questions!

1. What day is your favorite day?

2. What time were you born?

3. Did anyone tell you how attractive you look today?

4. When was the last time you cleaned your desk?

5. What is your favorite ice cream?

6. Have you ever met someone who looked just like someone else? What happened?

7. Do you have a good ghost story to share? Share it now (please)!

8. What do you really want to get this year?

9. Is there any bread left in the house?

10. Do all your socks match and are they in your sock drawer like they belong?