zela's mug

Here’s the link to today’s comic so it shows on the front page of the website just like it should to help people find their way: http://lmgcomic.com/comic/chapter-2-comic-20/

Okay so I don’t really want anything for Christmas. At least, I couldn’t think of anything. Until, that is, I was fooling around the other day just for laughs and made a groovy mug of Zela! So it’s arrived and I love my mug and I haven’t drunk out of anything else for the last few days. Now, I don’t know why you would want one, but you can buy one if you have lots of money and really bad taste! I even made a T-shirt (which I also love and haven’t taken off since it came. Not even to shower. Not even to sleep!).

If you want to scare someone but good this Christmas, then this is the gift to give. Make people question your sanity! You will be sure to get lots of help in the New Year after the men in white coats come to pay you a visit!zela shirt

Here’s your chance to be the first to own something no one else even wants! That’s like, being an ultra hipster! When my pup & kitty cat & my stuffed animals–like Mr. Ocamapus & the fuzzy horse twins–and I all sit around to Christmas porridge dinner, I’ll think gratefully of you, as you eat a big turkey in a sparkly-decorated house with all your gifts and friends and family!