Listen I’m not a mushy sort of person, but I want to thank everyone who has come by my blog and visited my cartoon. My trophy case says I now have over 500 “likes” on this blog, a blog which is only about 7 weeks old. That is amazing to me! I don’t think I have ever done anything this successful in my life. I have you all to thank for that!

Also, Dave aka Random Moose over at Twitch Fan blog was kind enough to nominate me for a One Lovely Blog Award and I sure do appreciate it even though I am not into the blog award scene. So, in keeping with the award requirements, here’s 5 things about me:

1. I live in Europe.

2. I keep a dog and a cat as animal friends.

3. (Some) people call me Satan.

4. I have 500+ “likes” on this blog!

5. Oatmeal is probably my favorite food. Also cheeseburgers. Also spare ribs. And kale.

Thanks again for nominating me, Dave aka Random Moose!

And here’s the link to today’s cartoon:

See you all again tomorrow!